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Cyclone causes
Cyclone causes

The Cyclone causes in the whole world and The great threat to world.

The cyclone is a natural disaster. The cyclone cause of circulation of wind rotating into the small atmospheric area. Mostly it occurs towards the tropical area. This is one the most dangerous disaster that causes a mass destruction to the area.

Cyclones are two type-
1. Northern Hemisphere: the cyclone that rotates in anticlockwise.
2. Southern Hemisphere: the cyclone that rotates in clockwise.

There are many types of the cyclone. Mostly differenced in 5 categories. These categories are defined by their wind gust. These five cyclones are the strongest and distractable.The categories are like- less than 125 mph(category 1), 126-169 km h(category 2), 170-224 km h(category 3), 225-279 km h(category 4) and more than 280 km h(category 5). These cyclones cause a mass destruction.

Cyclone in USA    source: Bitlander

The most reason of cyclone is the rotation of the Earth. The rotation of the earth on its axis helps the tropic wind area get a circulation with the earth. When the speed of the wind circulation gets higher causes cyclone. This is the most common reason for cyclone.

One of the most definite reasons for the cyclone is low pressure in the atmosphere. When the tropics area’s wind pressure get low combining with thunder and storm. This causes rain and wind as a cyclone.

The warm water of tropical area is mostly reasoned for the cyclone. Because of very hot weather in the tropical area, the sea water gets too hot. Because of the hot water there, it creates area with a low pressure. When the area gets windless, the winds around the area started to move into the area with a circular rotation. Then the low-pressure area started to move around. With that, a cyclone is created.

But the main reason for cyclone could be said The Global Warming. Global Warming is one of the main reasons that is creating a hot and low atmosphere at the tropical and subtropical area. For the sack development in the western developers building more and more factories and companies that are causing a massive pollution to the air. Thus the atmosphere of our climate is getting lower day by day.

Cyclone in japan    Source: Youtube

Greenhouse activity is also one of the main reasons for creating cyclone as it’s creating global warming. The scientist of International Panel on Climate Changes the temperature of the climate has been increasing about 6`c since last 10 years. So it’s really creating a great impact on our climate.

The cyclone comes with a massive distraction. When a cyclone goes through an area, it goes smashing houses, rooting out the tree, taking lives of people. In a survey says that 25 people in U.S.A. 740 people in East Asia and 10 thousand people died globally by the cyclone. The Bhola Cyclone (19700 was most deadly cyclone ever that took a lives amount 3-5 lakh. The Hurricane Katrina was deadliest to America. Besides that, there are a lot of cyclones that take place in history like Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Isabel(North Carolina Bank,2003), Seder(Bangladesh,2007) and a lot.

There are many kinds of the cyclone. Like Tropical cyclone, Subtropical cyclones, Arctic cyclones, Mesocyclones, Typhoon, Tornado, Hurricane, etc. They are all the same with little difference of wind gust or area or time length. But most commonly reason is Axis circulation of Earth, Thunder with the storm, low atmosphere and hot temperature.

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