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See why Education is the backbone of a nation

A nation never can prosper without the light of education. Every people have some basic rights. Education is the backbone for a country.Education is one of them. Any development of a nation cannot be expected without an educated population.

Education means the enrichment of head, hand, and heart of a human being in a harmonious way. Education performs all-over development of a nation. An educated nation can make a good decision. They can make good rules for a nation. They can develop the country.

An educated man knows how to become a good and responsible citizen of the country. He knows how to deal with other. An illiterate man never thinks like an educated man. Because of that, an educated man has a power of education. Education makes a man perfect and dignified.
An educated man has the qualities of kindness, good manners as well as vast knowledge. An educated man can think of any creations that’s way they are creative. His feelings are aroused at the suffering of a human being. Education can bring spiritual enlightenment. It ennobles the human soul.

We can’t think of any kind of development without education.The most educated countries are Canada, Israel, Japan United States, New Zealand, South Korea United Kingdom, Finland, Australia, and Ireland.


Education does not commence with the alphabet. It beings with the mothers encouraging like the fathers praising word and approval, the sister’s sympathy, the brother kindly help, with the flowers that one picks up in the gardens or fields, with the birds that one watches in meadows and groves. The child must be thought to feel, to observe, and receives impressions. In this way minds are opened out, and ready to receive, absorb and remember. The mind that is both alert and sensitive will learn easily and quickly from all kind of experience, whether from life or from books. This is the way in which Shakespeare taught himself to be the greatest dramatist of the world. Secondly, to teach the child its mother tongue makes the student understand. To speak, read and write his mother tongue.In this way mind will be more receptive and will be made active. Education helps to develop a person physiology, socially, mentally, and intellectually. It helps one to meet challenges. The aim of education is to enlighten. Every individual has some inner qualities. Education refines them properly. An illiterate person is always considered a burden.


Education can change the world. We never think of any kind of creation, development, the decision without education. Education can enlighten the whole world. Illiteracy is the big reason of unemployment in the world. An uneducated man never gets a good job but there are many empty spaces for the job. That’s way the unemployment problem increasing day by day.

Educated people can enormously contribute to raising the standard of living. Thus an educated person is an assist to the nation. Uneducated people are always la liabilities for a nation. Therefore, education is essential for every human being. We should think about that matter. Each and everyone has to realize the truth.

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