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See How people spend their time on Alone

Time is very precious. People spend their time by own.Time and tides wait for none. A man’s life is a full of work. People usually spend their all the time by doing their day to day activities. Like everyday, he wakes up in the morning, takes his breakfast then goes to work. All long day after work he comes back home, takes his dinner and goes to sleep. And the next day same again. But in their daily routine when people get some time free for them they utilize they’re to make themselves happy. Some like to spend the time with their family, Child, Parents or wife. Some used that time for their hobby. Hobby is such kind that is done only for pleasure. People do such thing as the hobby like gardening, reading books, watching movies, shopping, going out dinner etc. But this life is for the mature people.


People usually spend a vast time for sleeping. Sleep is very important for our body. But more than enough is always bad for us. We should sleep average 7-8 hours (for an adult), 9 hours (for a teenager). Some idea people used to spend 70% of their time in sleep. But those people who are very tensed with their work they preferred more less than they need. In an American survey of 2013 most working people, almost 67% people have less than 5 hours sleep. On the other contrary teenagers aged 15 or more used to sleep for 8-9 hours.

Human is workaholic. They work to survive. People are spending a lot of time in their work field. They are not only spending time in the office they are also spending work times outside the office. Sometimes at home, they bring the works with them and have to spend sometimes for that. THE AMERICAN TIMES survey says that usually, people spend 3.5 to 5 hours a day in the office on an average. Most workaholic people use to spend almost 8 hours a day for work.


When people get some free time they usually utilize that time only for themselves. They use them where they can get pleasure. Most people do hobbies. Some people take exercises. The American Survey says people usually spend 2.5 hours as leisure or doing sports activities or taking exercise.

Watching T.V. is also the great time for spending. People usually watch it to pass the free time and some watches for their work. THE AMERICAN TIMES says that American people spend at least 2 hours watching T.V. THE WORLD’S STREET JOURNAL had leaked an article titled “Americans Worked Less, Watch T.V. in 2012” It’s not a bad habit. But spending too much time before it is totally a waste.

There is a new way of spending time for the modern people. People of now usually suffer on the internet to spend their free time. They use many kinds of social networking to make themselves happier. It does two good things. It’s giving a proper pleasure, and it’s also helping them to keep their communications.

Spending time is definitely varies in people. Because different people of different ages has not the equal ability or strength. In a survey people, more than 50 years usually spend their time lying. Teenagers doing sporting activities and adult people doing work activities. But there are some other people usually spend their time nothing. They ideally sat before the T.V. or internet start surfing for nothing. Proper using of time is the best way to enjoy the life.

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