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The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle
The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

See here to know about mysterious bermuda triangle stories

Our world is very mysterious. We don’t have everything in our world. Thus the “mysterious bermuda triangle stories” is one of them. It is called the “Devil’s Triangle” too. It’s situated in the west of the north Atlantic ocean. Many ships and aircraft have vanished while crossing this place. Unfortunately, this place is not listed on the world map. The US Navy says that there is no such kind of thing that make disappear the ships. The “US Board of Geographic” did not list the Bermuda Triangle in the world map. Even the “Worldwide Fund for Nature” did not recognize it in the list of world’s ten most dangerous water area in 2013. People think that it happen for a paranormal or a demonstrative activity.

No one has given an exact area of the Bermuda Triangle. The first boundaries were given by “Vincent Gaddis” in 1964 in the magazine named “Argosy”. He marked area in a triangle shape in Miami(Florida Peninsula), San Juan(Puerto Rico) and in the mid-Atlantic Island. Some writers Mark 1300-3900 thousand square kilometers. This is one the most shipping area from where many ships and aircraft are crossing it for commercial reasons. Mostly the Europe, South America, Caribbean ports are using this area for their daily shipments.

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There are some incidents happened theirs in air, sea and on the island. The info on the ships and aircraft are given below-

On 4 March 1918, the “USS Cyclops” was lost with 309 passengers. “Carroll A. Deering” was lost on 30 January 1921. “SS Cotopaxi” sunk in the first December of 1925. “USS Proteus AC-9” was lost in 1941 from there.

In 5 dec, 1945 two aircraft vanished while crossing the area. The first one’s name was “Flight 19”. It contained 14 workers and the other one named “PBM Mariner” containing 13 airmen in that.

On 30 Jan 1948, an aircraft named “Avro Tudor G-AHNP Star Tiger” was lost with six airmen and 25 passengers. On that recent year on 28 Dec, “Douglas DC-3” has vanished with three workers and 38 passengers.

Even in the “Great Isaac Lighthouse” of Bimini, Bahamas was disappeared with two workers.

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There are many more ships and aircraft named NC16002, G-AGRE, Canadian Merchant Ship and much more lost in that sea.

Some writer has written some supernatural reasons for the incidents of the Bermuda Triangle. Some are indicating it as an alien attack or an alien abduction. But most writers claimed it’s a result of the mythical lost continent of Atlantis. Some also think there are some anomalous forces have been created which are taking those ships and aircraft. But on the other side, some writer has given such some logical explanation on the tragics of the Bermuda triangle. The most of the common are the compass problem.

They think in Bermuda triangle there is an unusual magnetic force has created where the compass doesn’t work so good there. That’s why people got lost there. Besides some thinks the reason of those incidents is the unanimous flow in the deep ocean sea. The current starts from the Gulf of Mexico and ends to the Florida. This tide of the sea could build on of the reason of those incidents.
The Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious places of the world. The scientist is still trying to solve this mystery. This place teaches us that there are many things of this world we have to know

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