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Green house effect
Green house effect

what are the effects of global warming and greenhouse effect

There are many changes is happening around us in the climate. Changes are depended on some natural and unnatural causes. The Greenhouse Effect is one of major causes of creating imbalance in our climate.

The greenhouse effect is a name of a process where the sunlight comes into our atmosphere and get reflected from our surface and spread all over the area but it couldn’t get outside of atmosphere because the  “Greenhouse” Gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, nitrous oxide,

CFC and many more are creating a barrier in the atmosphere. Thus the light energy stuck in our atmosphere and that increases the temperature of our climates.



“The Greenhouse”- the name comes from the houses made full glasses in the cold cities. These glass-made houses have a speciality that light with low frequency goes easily through the glasses into the house. Most people use these houses for cultivation of crops and other tree. People use soil on the floor of the house where the light with frequency is being absorbed by the soil and get reflected with a higher frequency and stuck into the house causes high radiated lights can’t go through the glasses. By that the temperature of the room gets higher and higher and people can get enough temperature for their cultivation.

As like that our world have some layers in the atmosphere from where every radiation can’t go through it the lights which are coming from the sun are coming in a form of Ultraviolet, Visible and IR radiation. Most of the light passes through the atmosphere without any absorbance. But the surface absorb 50% of the light and reflect with a higher frequency thus the light started to being absorbed by the Green House Gases named carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, methane, nitrous oxide and started to reserve the light in the atmosphere. More pollution creates more carbon dioxide and more carbon dioxide absorbs more light. Thus the temperature of the climate is being increased day by day. For that reason these natural process is compared to the greenhouse system and named after it.


Though greenhouse effect is a natural process but it is actually is a creation of human destruction. Scientists said that the natural percentage of carbon dioxide is 0.039% in the air. If the percentages get increased, it will be very for our human kind. But creation of many factories, mills, vehicles etc are producing more and more carbon dioxide.

Many wars between many countries producing more pollution to climate by firing or burning. There are many reasons from that human are producing more carbon dioxide in the air. A survey says that the temperature has been increased 6 degrees from the last year. The Greenhouse effect is one the main reasons for Global Warming. So can now imagine that how dangerous this effect is for our world and our lives and human are the main reason for creating this Greenhouse Effect.

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