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Woman’s rights in the world Stand for woman

Women’s rights are one of the most significant topics for this modern era. Women rights are as important as men at present. Many kinds of the social movement are being occurred in many countries to establish the proper rights for women. From the very old time, women are only used to do sex slavery and force labor. They were meant to be remaining at home do such kind of household works as the name of social and religious rules. But they weren’t allowed to go outside the world have full freedom. They weren’t allowed to work outside the field as like men do. They used to be dependent on men. But that time has passed. Women are much aware now.

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They started to know about their rights. They are taking proper movements to establish their rights. They are taking participation in every field of work as men do. By establishing the women’s rights will be the most important part to develop the women. By developing they will be asset to improve the country. There are many proper rights for the women should be developing as like the men have. They are given below:
Education is the most important right for females. This is the only way from how people started to know about their rights and also know how to establish them. So female education is really important for women. Form the early past people didn’t allow getting outside and going to school, college like men and get the proper education. Even now in the poorest countries, 50% of girls are not attending secondary schools. But the modern countries are developing in this sector. In 2005-2006 women’s of United States got 62% of associate’s degrees, 58% of bachelor’s degrees, 60% of master’s degrees and 50% are doctorates

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These records are showing us that education is really an important right for the women for developing themselves.
One of most essential right for women is in the work field. Women should get appointed in such kind of work as men do. In this modern society, women aren’t poisoned in the four wall of the house. Now they are participating in every work sector. In 2009 American women turns to almost 49.9% of workers in such kind of important companies like PepsiCo.L. Gore etc.

Voting is also an important right for women. In the past in the 3rd world countries, men didn’t allow them to give votes for political issues. But it becomes a major sector for the politics. Because half of the voter remains in the women. So they can’t be neglectable in this sector. So every woman should be awarded for this rights.
In this modern era, women are entering the politics. It is also very important right for the women. Because if they entered into the politics and became the politician, they would help the women to established their rights. 21 July 1960 Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first female prime minister. India Gandhi (24 January 1966, India), Benazir Bhutto (2, Dec 1988, Pakistan) and many other were also the most important politician in this world though they were women.
Equality in everything between men and women should be taken on. Like property law, In Discrimination between men and women, etc. rights should be established.
There are many important rights for the should be established for the women for their developments. Many kinds of the movement have occurred for women’s rights. Voting age, Youth suffrage, Disfranchisement, etc. were the most famous activities to establish women’s rights. There are much organization for women to establish their rights like Council of Women World Leaders, International Alliance of Women, Women’s electoral lobby (Australia), ACWF(Asia), Women’s Hub, etc. Their work to help the who are being Doritos from their actual rights. Women are important as men so their rights should be establishing for our development.

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