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Threat of terrorism
Threat of terrorism

The threats of terrorism in our world

Nowadays terrorism has got the highest dangerous threat in the world. The peace of the world is questioned before terrorism but now the whole world is threated by terrorism. Its generally flourishes in undemocratic societies. The present phase of international terrorism has been the outcome of prolonged oppression and injustices to many communities and even nations by the ruling classes and governments in many countries . some of the terrorist outfits also make religion as an ideology to justify violence. Military means could only suppress terrorism for sometime but cannot root out the basic problems which give rise it

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There are many kinds of terrorism such as racial, political, etc . it flourishes generally in the undemocratic society. Terrorism is not an ideology or a political agenda. It is a method or instrumentality. The world rejects and condemns all those who use the instrumentalities of terror, whatever be their proclaimed ideologies and goals.

A nation can be prosperous if it goes on the way of truthfulness and justice. so the main duty of a nation is the curiosity of truth and development.

If a nation goes forward in a just and proper way and depends on justice. Then it will be able to rise to the peak of success. The world’s history says that country which was guided by honesty and truthfulness, become successful.

One the other hand If corruption enters into society, the way of development is totally closed. The corrupted people always think ill of others. They only think and care for themselves. They do not think about others welfare. That is way, corruption is considered as the curse of a nation or society.

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This corruption causes much harm, and dangerous to nation thus men’s lives are covered with miserable griefs and sufferings.

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