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reduce povert from a country
How to reduce povert from a country- askmebest

The causes of poverty and how to Reduce poverty from a country

There are few causes of poverty and there are several way to reduce poverty from a country. Poverty can be defined as not having enough to feed or clothes family members. It is also the inability of getting choices and opportunities. Poverty is everywhere and in every country even in rich countries like USA, India, China, etc.


Source: Gb times China.

Source: Ibh wisdom.

It is the major goal and issues for international organizations like United Nations and World Bank to reduce poverty as much as they can. Poverty is a global challenge and it can be seen in developing countries as well. In a simple language, we can understand poverty as a condition in which a person lacks the basic need for the minimum standard of well-being in life due to lack of income. There are many causes of poverty, some can be eliminated by various measures and some are the great challenge to eliminate. Some of the causes of poverty are listed below:
· Loss of job
· Teenage pregnancy
· War
· Diseases
· Famine
· Physical & mental disability
· Theft
· Natural disaster
· Employment abuse
· Divorce
· Unemployment
· Drug abuse
· Domestic abuse
· High taxation
· Social factors
· Inequality
· Fraud
· Racism
· Globalization
· Polygamies
· Father leaving the family
· Too many children
· Lack of education
· Lack of Government awareness policies
· Overpopulation
· Lack of job opportunities
· Dictatorship
Some of the above causes of poverty are explained below.

1) Unemployment
When people have no job, they won’t be able to buy necessary supplies for their family. They won’t be able to provide their family with basic needs like food, water, roof, education, clothes, etc. This ultimately is the major cause of poverty.


2) Lack of education
No education means no proper job or no job at all and employment is needed to provide necessary supplies for the family.

Source: Unesco
3) Too many children
Too many children is one of the major cause of poverty. When there are too many children in a family and the provider is only one with very low wages, he won’t be able to provide food, education, clothes, drinking water to his/her family members.

4) Drug abuse
Drug addicts spend all their money on drugs. Once they are addicted to it, they’d do anything to get hold of drugs like selling household stuff, robbery, kidnap, etc. they turn into criminals to satisfy their drug needs. In this way, drug abusers use all their money in only drugs and later in life they will have no money for the fundamental needs.

5) Natural disaster
Natural disasters like fire, flood, and hurricane can destroy the property of people and take many lives away. When properties are destroyed, there will be no place to live or eat. People will lose everything and they won’t have anything. They won’t be able to even live in minimum standard and have two meals a day. Natural disasters take away everything and rob people of many things they own.

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