See How smoke will cost you for your entire life


A man is a slave of habits. Smoke will cost you for your entire life.They accustomed with many habits. Some are good, and some are bad. Smoking is a form of bad habit obviously. Smoking is a bad practice that could be done burning out some elements and taking the …

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See why Education is the backbone of a nation


A nation never can prosper without the light of education. Every people have some basic rights. Education is the backbone for a country.Education is one of them. Any development of a nation cannot be expected without an educated population. Education means the enrichment of head, hand, and heart of a …

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Many Best places for travelling in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a land of beauty. It’s a green country full of rivers.There are Best places for travelling in Bangladesh. The Bay Of Bengal at the south, Meghalaya at the north, Hills station at the west. Bangladesh is a real place for traveling. Bangladesh is developing in earning foreign currency …

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See How people spend their time on Alone


Time is very precious. People spend their time by own.Time and tides wait for none. A man’s life is a full of work. People usually spend their all the time by doing their day to day activities. Like everyday, he wakes up in the morning, takes his breakfast then goes …

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Why the computer is important in daily life

computer daily usage

The computer has become an inevitable gadget in modern life. We can’t think anything without the computer. In every situation, it will be a helpful friend. It’s doing all magical activities in every sphere of the country. Education, medicine, entertainment and business have undergone a great change for the computer. …

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The problem of Drug addiction and how to reduce it

Drug addicted problem

Our world is in the 21st century. In this modern era, there are few problems the world which is thought to be the issue of the whole civilization. Drug addiction is one of them. I strongly agree with the statement that drug abuse is not only a national but also …

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