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world top 10 counties with highest hiv
Hiv patient in India

The Aids suffer in the whole world and top 10 countries with highest Hiv

In 1983 Luc Montagnier and 1987 American Robert Gallo 1st discovered the HIV. Now whole world got HIV and top countries have highest Hiv. World top 10 Countries with highest Hiv got the most Hiv patient in the world.
AIDS is the abbreviation for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a serious disease caused by the virus called HIV which destroys the body’s natural protection from infection and thus to death.
December 1st is the World AIDS day.

Hiv patient in hospital,Source: red pepper
35.3 million people are suffering from Aids. Most people of them do not know they are infected.
A person can contact Aids if his or her bodily fluids come into contact with the bodily fluids of someone else who is infected with HIV. Infected with Hiv does not necessarily mean that a person has aids, although people who are HIV-positive are mistakenly said to have AIDS.

Source: NBC news

Some people who have HIV-infected may not Develop AIDS for ten Years or more.
Illigal sex is a great reason to get Hiv. Persons having multiple sexual relations and using drugs are at risk of developing this disease . as a preventive measure, a person should refine from having sexual relations with many people. Persons having HIV in their blood should not donate blood and while pushing injection disposable syringe should be used. More than 50 % of the persons who get AIDS will die. Even some celebrities died from this evil disease.

Top 10 Countries with highest HIV:

1. United states of America
2. South Africa
3. Argentina
4. Australia
5. Nigeria
6. Bahrain
7. Bangladesh
8. India
9. Kenya
10 .Brazil

I think Every people should learn that why we get HIV. The rules to safe from Aids. When we get HIV. What we should do . How can we Justice our body?
In the year 2005 Bangladesh have 4 million.
The big face of HIV is Illegal sex. 2ndly drugs.
When one person gets drugs the person doesn’t know is he taking only drugs or Drugs & HIV. So when addicted share the same injection, then they got Hiv. And the most important sad news is that the does not know that.
We have to do something for them. Because of that, we are living in one society, we all are human. When one get that virus another will in danger.

We all know that there is no specific treatment for this disease. So we should do work together.Also, the government should take the step to destroy that. So prevention is the only way to get rid of this curse.

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