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See How smoke will cost you for your entire life

A man is a slave of habits. Smoke will cost you for your entire life.They accustomed with many habits. Some are good, and some are bad. Smoking is a form of bad habit obviously. Smoking is a bad practice that could be done burning out some elements and taking the smoke into the body like a drug. Smoking came into our world as a traditional look and then turned into a habit. From the very old 5000 BC in shamanic ritual like the civilians of Babylon, India, China, etc. used to burn out many kinds of the element and spread all the smoke among all the prayers as the lack of praying. From the started to invent and cultivate some elements like tobacco, cannabis, opium, narcotics, etc. that could be burnt and taken the smoke as drugs. Smoking can be practice in many ways. But the most common methods are cigarettes, pipes, cigar, hocks, bong etc. In 1612 tobacco was widely cultivated by John Rolfe. Then a man named Jean Nikon introduced it in France. After that, it was spread out all over the Europe and then the Asia. In the middle of 17th-century Opium was introduced the world widely spread out as an alternative to tobacco. 


Smoking is clear highway get to the door to death. Smoking is the reasons for many deadly diseases. This habit is just harmful not only for smokers but also for those people around the smokers. Most commonly smoking method is cigarette with tobacco or opium type of leaf. All these products have dangerous elements in them.

“Nicotine” is the element which creates the addiction of smoking. When man addicted to the nicotine, he starts to take anything that contains nicotine. He must take the nicotine every day. But it is proven that there are 7000 chemical elements in nicotine. Even the tobacco contains 60 types of elements that cause cancer. It also contains an element name “Tar” which is brown, sticky, and dangerous. Cause it gets into our lung with the smoke and stuck in there. It also stains in our fingernails and even in teeth.

Carbon mono-oxide a dangerous gas for our health which is available in the smoke of the cigarette. It pollutes our blood and creates barriers to generating oxygen in our blood. We have Hemoglobin in our blood that constructs a structure of oxyhemoglobin with the oxygen we take from breath. This oxyhemoglobin flows in our body through blood and supplies the oxygen to every part of our body, but this CO (carbon mono-oxide) creates carob-oxy-hemoglobin with oxygen and hemoglobin. Thus body could not get oxygen from the blood. Carbon mono-oxide is enough to cause death.

Nicotine contains Hydrogen cyanide. That is very dangerous to our health. It’s a poisonous element that stops the blood flow in our body part paralyzes our body organs. It also contains many metal elements like Arsenic, Cadmium, lead, etc. which are very dangerous for our health.

Smoking is one of the main reasons of cancer. In an American survey, the scientist has said that 1935-39 and 1950-54 cancer patients increased at 220% causing by smoking and death increased 1.5-19.7%. It also says that a man who smokes a package of cigarette per day on averages cost 19,000$ for the medical expenses extra and for women it turns to 25,800$ per year. In China survey says that on average women lose 13.2-14.5 years of their lives because of smoking.

Source-india live today

Smoking is not only harmful to the human body but also creates an imbalance in our brain. It also causes mental desperation. It creates irritation. Smoking causes irritation in a little matter. It has an impact on our vocal chords and causes bronchitis. It causes harms to it. Smoking damages the lung function and smokers suffer from breathlessness. It also raises the blood pressure and heart rate, tighter the heart muscle. It causes skin diseases. It also has an impact on our sex life. A scientist has proved that smokers are weaker in their sex life. Smoking’s lower the sperm count even damages the genetic structure of sperm. It causes low blade flow to the blood vessel of the penis. Even in pregnancy smoking causes ear infection, pneumonia, bronchitis, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) to the baby.

The evilness of smoking is beyond writing. It has a very bad effect on our life. It’s killing our new generation. Much precaution has been taking to prevent smoking. Thus in America, 1965-2006 smokers have decreased by 42% to 20.8%, but smoking has been spreading out to developing countries. One motto should spread out all over the world that “Cigarette and smoking injurious to health.”

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