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My delicious food with my lonely life

A human being can’t live a single day without food which may increase their vital force recklessly. If you can maintain a regular diet in your meat, you can lead a healthy life enormously I theorize. According to the regional caste and creeds, there have many national and tribal food across the globe. All of the food in the universe may not fascinate you relentlessly I believe. There may have personal choices when we sit to eat. There may have a vast difference of choosing food from person to person, state to state, nation to nation, continent to continent.


As I live in Sydney, I also have a list of personal favorite food which is used to take by me even when I’m passing a leisure time. I wish to share here about some of my favorite food with you without any hesitation. I mostly prefer Lamingtons, Salt and pepper calamari, Fish ‘n’ chips, John Dory fillets as my most delicious food when I pass the time lonely. Those dishes provide me some heavenly pleasures when I want to pass some sound time in the home alone.


Finally, I want to address that delicious food is easy enough to gratify your moment astonishingly.

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