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how to lose weight
Best way to lose weight

Best way to lose weight

Tired of searching for weight loss programs? You must be in search of real and fast weight loss solution.

Here are some tips on faster weight loss that not only affect your weight but also save you time. You do not need to go after fed diet as it takes much time. Besides, their result doesn’t last longer. You can start your weight loss exercise and start dreaming today!

Through a healthy diet and lots of exercise it is very possible to lose three or more pounds a week right at your home.

While you burn five hundred additional calories, you consume every single day for a week. By then you should have lost 1-2 pounds.


Now, if you want more weight lose in less time, than you need to increase your exercise and reduce eating. For example, if you consume 1100 to 1250 calories every day and meanwhile your exercise duration is 1 hour per day than you can lose three to five pounds in that week. If your weight is above 250 pounds, than you can lose more weight. Be cautious about cutting calories any further; it is very dangerous for your health and figure.

You could limit consumption of salt and starches. It can lose you much weight at first.

But here thing should be noted that when you decrease the sodium and leave starches, you basically decrease fluids retention and fluids. This is responsible for up to five pounds of fluid lose as you get started.

Dansinger suggest us eat a diet that reduce added sugar, animal fat and starches in great extent. Here animal fat could be anywhere from meat or dairy foods. when you are thinking of rapid weight lose his advice is to focus on veggies, fruits, soy products, egg whites, skinless poultry breast, nonfat dairy products, shellfish and 93% lean meat.

Dawn Jackson Blatner, the author of The Flexitarian Diet recommended –

  1.    To eat fresh and greenery vegetable that let you feel full.
  2.    To drink water in great amount.
  3.    Get rid of tempting foods.
  4.    To stay busy with anything as boredom won’t let you eat.
  5.    Not to skip your meal.
  6.    Keep in track of every food that you eat.


though it is funny but true that even if you write foods you take in napkin and end up it in garbage, the writing of your food will make you accountable yourself. This is very strange but effective way of weight losing.

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