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Best 10 foods that will make your heart healthy

Hasnat Jahan

IUBAT-International University of Business Agriculture and Technology.

Taking care of your heart is very important. There is so many heart disease which you shall get in future. Today i am sharing 10 foods that will make your heart healthy. You can make your heart healthy by eating a particular food. There is some food which good for your heart and you can take as regular basis.

You can eat the food of nature because that is full of nutrients, vitamins, magnesium, etc. those are good for making your heart healthy. There are some essential food you should eat every day if you want to healthy and free from heart diseases.

Almond: It has multiple benefits on your heart. This is also tasty and full of magnesium, fibre which is really beneficial for our healthy heart. You can eat 4 or 5 almond every day for making your heart healthy.

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Oatmeal: Oatmeal is very important for the healthy heart because it contains Omega 3 fatty acid, magnesium, potassium, niacin, soluble fibre, and calcium. So, eat oatmeal every day.

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Walnuts: Its a common food that liked by most of the people. This is best for your health especially for your heart because it contains magnesium, fibre, vitamin E and mono fats that are good for your heart.

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Apple: Eating apple daily you can free from many diseases. Especially heart disease because of its fibre that’s really good for the heart and it also reduces risk of death.

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Whole Grains: Whole grains contain the fibre which reduces bad cholesterol, and this is beneficial for your heart. It also contains phytoestrogen and antioxidants that keep your heart healthy.

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Yogurt: Especially you need to eat yogurt regular because there are lots of nutrients in it which is prevent from gum disease. Gum disease is the main reason of hurt diseases. When you eat yogurt every day, you can get the healthiest gum.

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Papaya: Papaya is contained beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium that’s good for health and heart. It’s also colorful and tasty fruit. So, you can easily eat papaya every day even without a bore.

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Green tea: Green tea has many more beneficial ingredient those are really for making good health as well as the good heart. Its reduce rate of hypertension and many more benefit. Green tea also reduces the rate of cholesterol rate. That’s good enough for your health. So it keep your heart healthy.

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Tomatoes: There is saying prevention is better than cure. So, tomatoes have essential nutrients that reduce your heart diseases and keep you healthy. You can eat without cook as salad form, and you can also eat as cooking form.

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Broccoli: Broccoli contains vitamin C and E, potassium, folate, fibre and many more things. All are good for your heart and keep your heart free from diseases. You can use it in your daily food chart because its tasty vegetable as well as it has colorful property.

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