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computer daily usage
computer daily usage

Why the computer is important in daily life

The computer has become an inevitable gadget in modern life. We can’t think anything without the computer. In every situation, it will be a helpful friend. It’s doing all magical activities in every sphere of the country. Education, medicine, entertainment and business have undergone a great change for the computer. International relationship/communication became easier day by day by using the computer. Anytime we can get help from the computer about our problem. All age of people can use it and learn from it. This is an easy way to learn something at home. All over the world, 80% of the people uses the computer. The computer is an open source for education. Everyone can use it and learn from it. Some people are using it officially and some are not officially. Students can get their educational information from using a computer. Sports liker can easily know the news of sports search on the internet by using the computer. A businessman can easily mail his sheets. If anyone wants to earn money by computer at home it can possible.

The computer has made a lot of change in every country. Bangladesh is one of them.In Bangladesh from 1992, the SSC objective examination has been being examined by computer. And other examinations including the BCS have also undergone the same process. Again, internet users are freely acquiring knowledge and information from websites within moments only. One can easily into far away libraries and can even join seminars and consultations with specialists.

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In every office irrespective of old or modern, the computer is a must. That’s way computer is using as business purposes. Various data and records are preserved in computers. A simple computer can preserve records that need thousands of registrar books. So this is good news. It saves lots of labor and expense. One can easily check out a necessary record and edit without damaging the old file.
The business world cannot move a single pace without this Aladdin’s lamp. Export and import activities are conducted through computers communication system.Any national or international communications can’t possible without the computer. Banks are nothing without a computer now. In every possible way, the computer is the means of the communication now in the world.

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Doctors can preserve the diagnosis on their patients in a computer, may analyze their progress and deterioration comparing different data. Every modern healthcare is totally computerized now.
Sometimes people, especially the youth are too engrossed with the entertainments and merry making on the monitor. Thus they waste their time productivity to a large extent. But, this can also be an avoided with a shrug if one is really conscious. The young generations will be more intelligent by using it. Every people should learn how to use the computer.

The computer has done a lot in man’s life in the world. But, it has still to be available to the mass especially the rural and poor people in some countries. The government can take effective measures for the further advancement of the computer.

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