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See why we need internet Everyday in our life

The Internet is a great wonder of science. It’s a gift of modern science.we need internet Everyday in our life. It means an international networking system. We can call it a sea of knowledge

It is one of the latest wireless and telecommunication media. This is a speedy transforming system of information. With the help computer and networks. The computer is another creation of science. When computer and the internet work together it’s just a great process.

The Internet is now regarded as a milestone of the modern achievement of science and technology. The Internet is a practically a network of communication. The Internet is a worldwide communication process. It’s a big information bank.

We can send, receive and store any file anytime by using the internet. Day by day internet has updated and increased its speed. The journey of internet starts from (Arpanet- Advanced Research Projects Administration Network). September 1969 in US Los Angeles The UCLA laboratories have made a special system by building the first Computer communication system. In 1982 it named the Internet.


Uses of the internet: Nowadays Internet is the easiest way to send and receive information. We can share information by using email at a cheap rate. The Internet is using as another option like telephone and fax.Internet is a big jar of knowledge.We can get any educational information from the internet in anytime anywhere. We can read and also order books from internet library.

Nowadays internet market is very popular and easier. Amazon is one of the best internet markets. Now we can get any tutorial from YouTube by using the internet. Business communication is developing day by day for using the computer. The Internet is useful for everyone such: businessman, sportsman, writer, musicians, doctor, housewife, etc.

All kind of Business is related with the internet. Our media is fully dependent on it. Facebook, Skype are the popular social network. We can’t use that without internet without internet any trade and commerce can’t success their deals. When businessman wants to send some file to colic, he can send it from Email. A musician defiantly likes to hear newer and newer songs of many countries; they can download that from the internet. Sportsman gets his update news of the game. The writer can reeds and order new books from the internet. Doctors can learn from the new technologies. The scientist can know about the new research. Every people know the internet.

Source- News 18

Any people needs internet in various ways. The Internet is a regular thing in this century. All kind of educational institutions application forms is online. All kind of distance in any relationship is shorter day by day from the internet. We can manage our bank account using the internet. We can get the good suggestion for buying something. We can pay our electricity bill to use the internet.

We can know the news updates, new movies, all kind of political news like national and international. All kind of International news we can see in a single click. The Internet is a big entertainment source. When we feel very lonely or bore, we can play online games with other online gamers. We can download games, applications, movies, videos, etc. The Internet is one kind of income source for the freelancer.

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