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wordpress security plugin
wordpress security plugin

Few helpful ideas for making a WordPress site secure and spam free

WordPress is the famous cms for your website development. There few things you should follow to run a WordPress sites without any hassle. Today I am going to tell you some plug-in which help you to set up your site easily.


  1. Limit login attempts  plugin help you to prevent any fraud login. Now a days so many hackers trying to hack so many sites and sometimes they are success because of your laziness. I know every Web owner make their website spending lot of money and lot of struggle. So why you left your site in risky path where hackers can easily hack your site. I am not promoting you to use limit login attempts plugin, but you can use similar plug in. This types of plug in block that people who try to hack your site like who try to use “admin or administrator “and trying so many times with different password.
    It’s locked the user who tried wrong password more than 3 times. It’s  depends on your customization how many times you locked them. You can see the details of the users in dashboard and you can permanently ban them.


  1. Akismet  is the another plug in which help your website to prevent from spamer. If you are a blogger you can see every times so many comments posted on your post with various websites links sometimes it can be pornography, gambling, viagra, casino related sites. Remember it’s totally automated process. Even you can see everyday 1000+ comments on your post if your blog or site is well known.
    So how many time you Trash them manually, after some days you feel bored to do that. This plugin can help you to trash or spam automatically this types of comments and after a certain time all spam comments are deleted permanently. Remember if so many spam comments in your post or in trash, there are some possibility to slow Web server speed and it can make your site slow.


  1. So many people’s will try to make your blogs spammy. Many users use your blog marketing purposes and their comments are not related with your niche . May be be your website have no option to comments without register, but you they can register in your blog Automatic process.
    So you have to stop Automatic registration in your sites using Google reCaptcha. You also can add this in your comment contact us option. You have to know how  to add Google reCaptcha in your registration page and others.


  1. Use a strong password and uncommon username for admin panel. Always use capital and small word in your password, you can use (dot, comma, @, or others) which help you to create a strong password. Remember do not use same password everywhere.


  1. Update your wordpress platform with latest version which prevents from spamming and secure your sites. I hope you will follow these instructions and it will help to make your site secure.

If you have any more questions please feel free to comment here.

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