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Cyber Attack Crime askmebest
Cyber Attack Crime askmebest

Destructiveness of cyber security threat

We are living in a modern era with vast amount of information. For more easiness we are keeping this information into the internet with a secure activation. cyber security threat is one kind of attack that attacks on this private information. Mostly an organization or a group with a bunch of members who are expert on accessing into private or restricted info system are the Cyber attackers. They target the information system of computer, infrastructures, International networks, social networks, or personal computers and leak all kind of personal information. This cyber attack is also called as “Cyber warfare” or “Cyber terrorism”. This cyber attacks have the ability to destroy a country.

Cyber attack is not only to hack the personal information system of a country. It could be much worse than that. Cyber attacker can hack into a country’s system tool through the internet shut down the national missions like energy, transportations, government operations etc. These are also the part of cyber attack. So cyber attack is also great weapon for practical war.


There are three factors that indicate that a cyber attack is very dangerous for an individuals or a nation. These three factors are- Fear Factor (creates fear in individuals, groups or societies), Spectacular Factor (creates economic losses and negative publicity) and Vulnerability Factor (destroy private information and leak out the important code of a nation’s security).

Cyber attack is an organized process where an organization is working behind it. These organizations are containing high professional hackers and engineers for technical supports. Most hackers hack down on a political issue or agenda. First of them the engineer creates software that break down all security of the expected information system. Then a hacker breaks down into that system, collects all the information and leaks it out. They call themselves as cyber terrorist. They mostly target the political structure so that they can motivate their issue or create a great impact in the politics through doing this illegal way. Besides they also attack on the personal information and property to create a fear among them.


Many cyber attacks have taken places in the history of internet. Some were used as threats to the people and the government and some had the real impact of it. Operation Shady Rat” was flawless cyber attack in 2006. It had attacked on 72 organizations like Olympic Committee, United Nations business and defence sectors. It also attacked the summer Olympics of 2008. “Heartland” was one of the most dangerous attack of all.


This organization got into the public payment cards of 100 million individuals and occurs more than 140 million of US$ in 2008. “Operation Aurora” attacked in the middle of 2009 to starting of 2012. It had attacked the most valuable worldwide site like Yahoo, Rackspace, and Juniper Networks and even in the adobe system. Thus creates a massive loss to those organizations. “Flame” is also being called “Scywiper and Flamer”.

This organization operation was to hack down the computer system of Middle East countries in 2012. It was founded as virus that destroys the contentment of the Microsoft Windows in the computer. It also destroyed the system of local area network called LAN with 1000 machine that provides internet supplies to the people like individuals, educational institutions, and government organizations.

There are many cyber attacks is being attempt day by day. For the purposes to ignoring these attacks we have to very careful about using the world wide network. Because cyber attack is one of the most dangerous attack of the modern era which is enough to destroy the human kind.

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