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5 Trusted ways to get more traffic and learn how to increase traffic on website

It is fully meaningless while posting 5 contents daily without thinking of traffic estimation. Your website has no value without traffic. No matter your site is of niche type or not you must do things right to attract more and more visitors.

Though there are no shortcuts for getting more website traffic, there are stills some works that work fine in bringing traffic to your business. The more you do these things right the more traffic you deserve. This is 100% true with search rankings.

Here are easy and proven 5 tips to get more traffic to your website.

Blog & Blog

This is definitely, without any question the most important thing that allures more traffic to website. You should be blogging. You should blog regularly and consistently. Post at least one post per week and four per month but with consistence. There is no limitation in posting per day. This is sure thing that attracts more and more visitors to your blog from search engine. If you get time, don’t miss the taking the advantage of posting more than once per day. This is the ideal thing that Google will surely award you for.

Social Media

The number of social media site is increasing by degree. But there have always been preference of activities in ‘big 5’ i.e. twitter, Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Take the blessings of social media. Whenever you have a new post, share it in big 5. But do not always limit yourself into own share. Keep a balance between sharing your own content and other ones. If you feel sites other than big 5 an effective background for your campaign, utilize them well. While using social media sites, be sure to be social.

Optimize Nicely

When the term optimizes comes, it refers to both search engine and reader based.  If your content is seo optimized search engine will love it, if your post is readably optimized your reader will love it, when you have optimization in both way Google will love it thrice and you don’t to panic for traffic more.

It is recommended to use WordPress, as it provides you with lots of features and usability. There are lots of plug-in that help you optimize your post nicely. The “Seo by Yaust” is most recommended. It helps you optimize your post free based on your focus keyword. Besides, it offer you up-gradable version for a little charge.

Advertise Wisely

The need of advertising in calling traffic needs no telling. You should try PPC (Pay per click) beside seo. It can take months or even years to rank for a keyword. But PPC accelerated the process and find just how important that keywords are to your website. Don’t make the full stop here. You should also take chance from banner and social media advertising or other forms of paid traffic as well.

Email Customers

Drive your visitors to your email list.  Do not forget to email your subscriber or customer at least twice a month. A nicely designed email newsletter is a surefire to attract consistent and returning traffic. You can form newsletter on special promotions, free offers, discounts, exclusive contents and even periodic reminder.

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