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My delicious food with my lonely life

A human being can’t live a single day without food which may increase their vital force recklessly. If you can maintain a regular diet in your meat, you can lead a healthy life enormously I theorize. According to the regional caste and creeds, there have many national and tribal food …

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Best 10 foods that will make your heart healthy

food for heart

Taking care of your heart is very important. There is so many heart disease which you shall get in future. Today i am sharing 10 foods that will make your heart healthy. You can make your heart healthy by eating a particular food. There is some food which good for …

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Best way to lose weight

how to lose weight

Tired of searching for weight loss programs? You must be in search of real and fast weight loss solution. Here are some tips on faster weight loss that not only affect your weight but also save you time. You do not need to go after fed diet as it takes …

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See How smoke will cost you for your entire life


A man is a slave of habits. Smoke will cost you for your entire life.They accustomed with many habits. Some are good, and some are bad. Smoking is a form of bad habit obviously. Smoking is a bad practice that could be done burning out some elements and taking the …

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The problem of Drug addiction and how to reduce it

Drug addicted problem

Our world is in the 21st century. In this modern era, there are few problems the world which is thought to be the issue of the whole civilization. Drug addiction is one of them. I strongly agree with the statement that drug abuse is not only a national but also …

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There are some foods which makes your heart healthy

Good food can makes your heart healty

Do you think your heart doesn’t work well? And are you trying to improve your heart condition? Here are some tips which will make your heart healthy. The first way to improve your heart condition is maintain proper diet. There are so many foods those is pretty good for your …

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